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Since December 2000, has been the leading online directory and community site for those seeking reliable treatment information for alcoholism and substance abuse. As a premier online resource, the site provides high quality education, information and help to the public.

Designed to be easily used by addicts, as well as their family, friends or loved ones, is the starting point to find the best treatment and care as well as information on financial and clinical topics. As the pioneer in providing online addiction and recovery services information, remains as the most reputable, succinct, comprehensive and user-friendly site for anyone who needs quick access to treatment programs, detoxification centers, halfway houses, sober houses and an array of other addiction treatment services and programs.

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SoberSystems® is a mobile app that is an addiction recovery management program. It was designed based on an extensive history of research and evaluation, revealing the key triggers and turning points leading to relapse. The app guides behavioral change, encourages compliance, and alerts the client and support team of relapse dangers. It strengthens the recovering person's commitment to ongoing success while providing fast access for early intervention. The app is easy to use and the clinical design integrates two basic principles of recovery - honesty and service - by encouraging user effort through immediate scoring and supportive feedback.

There are two access methods to SoberSystems®. While an individual can download the app directly at Google Play or the App Store, the best way to access SoberSystems® is through an invitation by a care manager. Normally this is a recognized professional such as a Therapist, Counselor, Recovery Coach or Case Manager. Often is may be the After Care/Continuing Coordinator from a treatment center. The Care Manager licenses the app for professional use and creates a group of clients which is secure, private and encrypted thereby protecting all data that is entered. SoberSystems® has a suite of features including daily check-in, reports, Lifelines, Rewards, Goals, Alerts, Reminders and Schedules. The Care Manager then acts as a monitor for a client's daily activity and progress, making SoberSystems® a true 24/7 sentry that actively assists in an individual's daily battle against active addiction.

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Blockchain-based SOBERCOIN™ is the new "Currency of Recovery". It incentivizes an addict using the reward system to stay clean and sober. Numerous scholarly research studies have found the use of motivational incentives with addicts has increased retention and resulted in higher rates of sobriety for participants. In short - SOBERCOIN™ works.
Like frequent flyer points or cashback bonuses on credit cards - SOBERCOIN™ acts as a digital currency reward for staying sober and off drugs. SOBERCOIN™ will be used to purchase an array of products and services by those in recovery. It can be earned  2 ways:

1) By joining the community.

2) By earning rewards through the use of the Sobersystems mobile apps

SOBERCOIN™ is not only a powerful badge of sobriety, it can be spent on:

    • Membership fees for the online community
    • Advertising on and any of its related digital properties
    • All Recovery Coaching training courses on
    • Online Recovery coaching
    • LIVE Monitoring of app usage
    • The description on the community
    • SNI/SDC Description
    • Schedule of coins/parameters

Future planned services SOBERCOIN™ can be spent on include:

    • Professional Telephonic Assessments
    • Telephonic Counseling
    • Detox Services
    • Sober Housing
    • Medication

The possibilities are endless.

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Recovery Coaches

REcovery Coaches .com 200px

At you can find a Recovery Coach or Train to become one. Some of the best Recovery Coaches are former addicts when want to give back.

Recovery coaching is a professional relationship. This relationship is collaborative in nature and is focused on a strengths-based model. It is also designed to assist clients to identify and move “barriers” aside that prevent them from potentializing. The relationship is not unlike any other professional relationship a client may have with say a psychotherapist, doctor, or lawyer. It is based on trust, experience, and mutuality.

The most significant difference between a recovery coach and other helping professionals is the recovery coach is trained to focus is on “empowering” the client to do for themselves what they dreamed about. It is through the motivation, guidance, and accountability coaches provide that transformation occurs.

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SOBER PODCAST Tell your Story

Sober Network is sponsoring the latest message of recovery, hope, and growth. Listen to us share how we do it, one interview at a time. Sober Podcast, an extension of the Sober Network. We are a forward-thinking company at the forefront of behavioral healthcare and technology. We discuss the journey of inspiring people who have taken a path towards awareness, growth for self, family, and community. Our mission is to bring a message of hope and direction for listeners seeking to contribute.

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