iPhone 10x Sobersystems screenSoberSystems® Puts You in Control.

SoberSystems® is a mobile addiction recovery management program designed to work as an additional tool for strengthening the recovering person’s commitment to ongoing success and their recovery assets. The intent is to reduce relapse and provide fast access for early intervention. The interactive program allows the recovering person to participate in their recovery while monitoring their personal development and accountability by a designated care manager (s). The simple design and targeted features encourage user-friendly activity without complication.

SoberSystems® is your best choice for an additional tool to strengthen a client’s recovery capital and enhance accountability. It is an excellent method for re-engagement of clients who begin to show non-compliance. The mobile application is simple and fun to use. The clinical design integrates two basic principles of recovery, honesty, and service by encouraging user effort through immediate scoring and supportive feedback. These can be customized to the needs of the Care Manager. The electronic tethering through the mobile application gives maximum flexibility of use while also providing safety and security of user information.

There are two access methods to SoberSystems®
Invitation by a Care Manager

The best way to access SoberSystems® is through invitation by a care manager, usually a recognized professional such as a Therapist, Counselor, Recovery Coach or Case Manager. Frequently, it may be the After Care/Continuing Coordinator from a treatment center.

The Care Manager has Licensed the app for professional use and is creating a group of clients. This group is secure, private and encrypted, so any data entered is protected. For the invitation to SoberSystems® to be activated, the Care Manager first invites their select clients to download the app from The App or Play Store.

Once downloaded, the user has to create an account and use the code word issued by the Care Manager. This will assign that user to the Care Manager’s branded group, so each time the user logs in, the Care Manager’s splash screen will be displayed. The Care Manager has access to and responsibility for all users in their group. This enhanced capability allows the Care Manager to act as a monitor for client activity and progress. SoberSystems® is a true 24/7 sentry that assists in the daily battle against active addiction.
Individual User

SoberSystems® is a fun and effective way to supplement your recovery experience on the device you use most - your mobile phone.

The app is designed to help people be honest, stay focused and be accountable. It is specifically designed for personal accountability.

When you use SoberSystems®, if you do not stay on your recovery track, then your friends, supports, sponsor or family, are going to be notified. This accountability is a critical component for ongoing recovery success.

While we know how important it is to be a member of a HomeGroup and have a sponsor, SoberSystems™ is uniquely positioned to work in concert with both of these critical aspects of your recovery.

You can get started in these few easy steps:

  • Simply download the app from either the Play Store or the App Store.
  • Create an account and then identify your supports (Lifelines).
  • Enter in your Lifelines’ information. The app will send them an alert when you do not follow through with your daily Check-In.


The advantage of SoberSystems is your supports are notified via push notification or email – allowing them to contact you before the disease re-activates.

You designate your Lifelines, and they can be changed at any time through the add/delete function. You can also allow full access to your account by sharing your passcode with your family, your therapist, sponsor of professional care manager. By doing this, they will have access to your Goals and Profile Section to assist you on more than just a reactive mode and be able to set Goals and monitor progress toward fulfillment proactively.

The newest helpful feature for you to use is a professional monitor. It assists you with your ongoing recovery. For less than a dollar a day, our monitor will contact you as well as selected support via email, text or phone that you may be at risk for relapse. Remember, you are responsible for your recovery and preventing relapse is a daily endeavor.

You are worth it.