SoberNetwork is a progressive thinking internet marketing and software development company located in Delray Beach, Florida. The company has been active online since 2000 when it started one of the first directories targeted for people in recovery. focused on recovery residences throughout the country and later grew into, featuring the full continuum of care. Along the way, company founder, Harold Jonas, conceptualized SoberSystems™. This was a direct extension of his graduate studies. The persistence to see this concept to fruition is a testament to Jonas’ commitment to his own recovery and the recovery of others.

Dr. Jonas has been active in businesses related to recovery since opening his counseling and consulting (Intervention Strategies, inc.) office in 1994 and expanding to other interests including recovery housing (Recovery Zone, inc. 1995) and internet directories (,, and Currently, doing business as the SoberNetwork , Dr. Jonas is actively involved in developing software he believes will reach the most people for the least amount of cost. SoberSystems™ is that product.

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