Aftercare & Monitoring is a licensed service provider in the State of Florida for Aftercare. The overall goals of this program are to prevent relapse, reduce recidivism, and provide Recovery Coaching for clients who have completed treatment from any point in the continuum care. We do this through the innovative implementation of the FlexDek as the connection for accountability and human interaction.  The app is designed to act as a human alarm mechanism, alerting Care Managers their client is at risk for relapse. FlexDek has built into it:

Flexible Hours (24/7 )

Goals Identification and monitoring

Client Monitoring Progress through Check In

Client referral needs identified through email and push notifications.

 Relapse Prevention is the essential target of sobersystems. The system is designed to set off early warning signals based on acuity of each client. Within the ain panel of the system is the ability to assign clients to groups based on acuity. Each group has a designated number of days

Identified as its threshold. Once this threshold is crossed, the alert mechanism is triggered and notifications are sent to the Care Manager and the client’s Lifelines (support network). At this point early intervention and prevention of relapse or of further deterioration of recovery foundation is implemented.

The Aftercare Plan is mutually discussed with each client via phone and email. Once the individualized plan is outlined, it is electronically documented. The next step is to begin to institute Goals for success. This is accomplished through the sobersystems Goals section. This interactive mechanism allows the Care Manager to create, edit/modify and track each client’s goals. This interactive ability sets the standard for the client to assimilate to, seeing and understanding the criteria for realistic, measurable and achievable goal setting.

Monitoring is accomplished through sobersystems by utilizing the Check- In feature. Each client is required to Check In daily.  The Check In is a series of questions presented to the client on their mobile device in YES/NO format. The questions are defaulted in the system and are recovery oriented. The client simply indicates their answer via a touch screen and the system then records the answers and simultaneously sends a validating message to the client. Each day’s answers are stored in the secure database for easy viewing or printing by the Care Manager. The Monitoring is in the use of the system by the client. When the client does not Check In as required, the system is programmed to send messages of care and concern to the Care Manager and each person in the client’s Lifeline group, these may include family supports, other professional, criminal justice personnel or professional monitoring agencies.

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